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Working directly with our clients or with other professionals, we value the many relationships we have established through the years.  If looking for a link, our affiliates include several General Contractors, Architects, Cabinet-Furniture Builders, and Interior Designers with whom we work with on a regular basis. 

With over 45 years of experience in the painting industry, Rod Lang was a teenager when his career began with hanging-out on a platform over the Missouri River painting the Mormon bridge in North Omaha. Rod laughs when recalling how quickly he was recruited up the painter-rank when the crew found out he had no fear of heights!


Through years of government projects painting air force hangars, housing and underground secured offices, Rod honed his skills whereas finding his real passion within the industry in producing a strikingly superb finished product.  In 1993 he with the help of his wife Carol began Lang Painting Group focusing to produce high-end custom products for those in search of the finest available.


Refinishing or finishing a vintage French armoire or a 19,000 square foot estate; a business office or lake house; the Governor’s mansion or the family home, Lang Painting Group has done that and more. They stand proud of their team of craftsmen.  LPG has the capacity to deliver the very best.  No project is too small or too large to showcase their talents aiming to meet and exceed your expectations.


Lang Painting Group has built a reputation of excellence and integrity.  Rod and Carol feel blessed to have a company that has served thousands of customers in over two decades.  In addition to their two daughters and sons-in-laws, they have 6 grandchildren that paint their lives with joy!


Please give a call to go over your project needs.


Specializes to the ever-growing consumer desire for more sophisticated finishes

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